PoS Agents Hike Charges In Abuja

ABUJA – Point of Sale (PoS) agents in Abuja now charge N300 for every N10,000 withdrawn or transferred to another account.

An agent told The Nation: “We charged N100 for every N10,000 transaction before, but it is now N300 for every N10,000”.

The agent, who simply identified herself as Edith, said they were forced to increase their charges after the banks applied the three per cent charge on withdrawals over N500,000.

“We had to increase our prices after the charges on our withdrawal today, three per cent! I feel this is daylight robbery.”

Another reason for the hike in charges she explained was that “some of the banks use savings instead of current account when issuing the PoS terminal because of the heavy charges involved”.

“Now we are being forced to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea,” she added.

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